Dining Blogs: Fusing Japanese and Chinese Cuisine and More Links

In today’s Link Love, Marc Vetri does some killer acoustic soul, plus a 75-year-old pizza joint still stays strong

Guava, pear, and papaya for a simple dessert starter, plus more dining out ideas.

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• A tasteful presentation at a Japanese-Taiwanese fusion restaurant abroad. [KirbieCravings]

• Momofuku takes on street food, but at what cost for the customer? [The Price Hike]

• Speaking of which, here is the Lucky Peach issue four cover. [Momofuku Tumblr]

• Philly chef Marc Vetri rocks out with Phil Roy, playing some acoustic soul. [Snacky Tunes]

• A 75-year-old pizza joint in the Bay Area serves up classic margheritas and more. [Broccoli and Chocolate]