Dim Sum Toolbox: Dumpling Essentials Slideshow


Bamboo Steamer

When using a bamboo steamer, be sure to line the bottom with a steamer liner so that the dumplings dont stick. Some people believe that lining the bottom of a bamboo steamer with cabbage or lettuce leaves makes for extra moist dumplings.

Tom Douglas by Pinzon 10-inch Bamboo Steamer Basket, $21.99

Steamer Liners

Parchment steamer liners are inexpensive and keep dumplings from sticking to the bottom of the steamer.

Helen's Asian Kitchen Parchment Steamer Liners, $6.36

Metal Steamer

Metal steamers are an alternative to the bamboo variety. Some people prefer to use metal steamers because they are easier to clean and do not impart any flavor (as bamboo steamers often do).

Town Food Service 12-Inch Aluminum Steamer Set, $199

Deep Fryer

For wontons, a deep fryer will provide the light and crispy exterior that accompanies fried dumplings.

Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1 Liter Deep Fryer, $44.99

Fryer Strainer

A fryer strainer is useful for fishing dumplings out of the deep fryer or wok without damaging their delicate exterior.

Helen’s Asian Kitchen 7-Inch Spider Skimmer, $9.95


A wok can serve a dual purpose in dumpling making. For steaming; place a bamboo steamer over a wok with two cups of boiling water in it. For pan frying; fry dumplings in wok with oil.

T Fal Jumbo Wok, $29.32

Dumpling Mold

Using a dumpling mold can take the stress out of folding perfect dumplings.

Kuchenprofi Dumpling Maker, $16.29

Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo chopsticks are a traditional dumpling utensil. They are available in a variety of designs and lengths, which can set the tone for your meal.

Joyce Chen Burnished Bamboo Chopstick Set with Holders, $9.07

Metal Chopsticks

Metal chopsticks, though less traditional than the bamboo variety,  tend to be more durable. One drawback of metal chopsticks is that they heat up very quickly, so be careful when serving and eating dumplings in soup.

Global Decor Stainless-Steel Chopsticks, $12.20