Dilly's Makes You Proud to be an American


Dilly’s Corner is on River Road in the heart of Bucks County, Pa., not too far from where the father of our country crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Eve, and surprised some partying Hessians in what was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. The Dilly’s Corner sign may not have the same historic significance as Washington’s Crossing, but once you try a Dilly Dog, all other hot dogs will be history.

Dilly’s is in a wooden building in the middle of a gravel parking lot. During the summer, the lot is filled with bikers, tourists, and locals, all of them enjoying shakes, fries, soft serve, and, of course, Dilly Dogs and Burgers. It’s the kind of scene that just makes you proud to be an American. Dilly’s has a unique way of keeping track of orders. When you order, you go up to the window and draw a playing card. When the food is ready, the number on your playing card gets called out. But regardless of the suit or the card, it is easy to draw a winning hand when eating at Dilly’s.

The namesake Dilly Dog ($6.50) is a quarter pound tube steak in a warm crusty torpedo roll that is about the length of one of Washington’s rowboats. The humongous hot dog is totally camouflaged by barely sautéed onions and sweet green peppers, then covered with yet another layer of thin French fries. It’s like the hot dog equivalent of a Philly Cheesesteak (also on the menu).