Did Jessica Simpson Almost Name Her Baby 'Zinfandel'?

A 'family friend' claims the name was considered

Zinfandel: Great for making bold, dark red wines or the widely popular sweet, inexpensive blush wines. As a baby name? Eh, not so great.

Yet, according to one loose-lipped family friend of expectant mom Jessica Simpson, it's one of the "wacky" names she and fiancé Eric Johnson considered for their soon-to-be born daughter.

Fortunately for the celebutot, it appears as though her parents have come to their senses — reportedly opting for a name that doesn't lend itself to jokes about the kid growing up to be a wino. The friend tells In Touch, "They're going to call her Maxwell, Maxi for short."

Well, that's a relief. Still, the news of the bad celebrity baby name that almost was does raise an interesting question: Are there any grape varietals that would make for a good baby name? The folks over at Riverfront Times came up with their top 10 list, which included picks like merille and carménère.

What's your vote?