Deadly Spider Found in Supermarket Bananas

A shopper found a venomous spider in a package of Lidl bananas
Brazilian wandering spider

Wikimedia/Joao P. Burini

A deadly Brazilian wandering spider was found in a package of bananas on display at a Lidl supermarket in Germany.

In a story disturbing enough to put a person off fruit forever, this weekend a customer at a Lidl supermarket in Germany found an extremely deadly spider in a package of bananas.

According to The Local, the customer was looking at a package of bananas when a Brazilian wandering spider ran out of the package and scurried away. The spider was quite large and obviously not a normal, everyday variety of harmless spider in Germany, so the customer panicked and store staff quickly called police and told people to stay away from the banana display. Eventually an expert showed up to catch it and took it away, at which point the creature was revealed to be an extremely venomous spider. That variety of spider can even be fatal to humans.


Only one such spider was discovered in the display, but the entire delivery of bananas was removed by store staff, who probably wished they were being paid a lot more to deal with potentially deadly spiders in the fruit displays.