Daym Drops Review the McRib; Waiting on Auto-Tune

The 'Oh My Dayum' reviewer tries out the McRib for Fallon

The man behind the amazing Five Guys review that naturally got auto-tuned to an R&B mix has made it to late night; last night Jimmy Fallon had Daym Drops review the McRib (since it's now back in stores, of course).

Unfortunately, the review wasn't quite as enthusiastic as the Five Guys one; not only did the McRib fail to get a "Dayum!" out of Daym Drops, but the McRib also got a less prestigious nickname: the McSlam. "A McRib is fierce, a McRib is powerful," Daym Drops philosophizes. "We didn't hit that level of powerful stank-stank yet." Sad.

Watch below for the full review, as Daym Drops demonstrates what a McRib should be (hint: fingers are licked). Obviously, you should just go and make your own McRib, pimping it out, because this was like a "C that was meant to be a B minus. Ya dig?" McDonald's better step up their game.