There’s No Milk Fresher Than Milk From This Roadside Cow

Dairy farmer sells milk on the street right from a live cow
Holstein cows


A dairy farmer in China is doing a brisk business selling raw, unpasteurized milk pumped right from a roadside cow.

There is nothing quite like a glass of fresh milk, and nobody is ever going to find a glass fresher than some customers in Gansu, China, whose milkman just pulled a couple live cows up to the side of the road and started milking them right there.

According to Shanghaiist, the farmer has his cows hooked up to an electric milking machine, but he still appears to be under pressure to keep up with demand, because queues have been spotted all down the street full of people waiting for milk. People are really eager to buy some fresh, unpasteurized milk right from the cow.

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The city-dwelling customers reportedly said that they preferred the farmer’s fresh, raw milk because they thought it was probably more healthful than pasteurized stuff from the grocery store. That’s not exactly true, considering that there is a risk of raw milk being contaminated with bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, or listeria. The farmer’s many eager customers appear to think that is a risk worth taking in exchange for the freshest milk anyone could buy.