The Daily Meal’s Chef Madness Challenge: Round 2

Our March Madness continues!

Chef Madness Round 2

The Daily Meal is knee-deep in its Chef Madness Competition! We’re pitting chef against chef, game day snack against game day snack, cocktail against cocktail, and beer against beer to see who will emerge victorious. In round one we had groups of eight, but now the playing field has dwindled down to just four options.

In round one, Thomas Keller beat out Michael White and Michael Symon beat Anne Burrell by very wide margins, Geoffrey Zakarian laid the smackdown on Alex Stupak, and Richard Blais beat out Stephanie Izard by a margin of just four votes. Buffalo wings beat out potato skins in a landslide, more than 50 percent more people prefer guacamole with their chips than salsa, and quesadillas and sliders proved to be far more popular than mini pizzas and sausage and peppers, respectively.

Moving onto the booze, more than three times more respondents prefer margaritas to Long Island iced teas, gin martinis just squeaked past Cosmopolitans, white Russians edged past Irish car bombs, and sangria secured a decisive victory over the Sex on the Beach cocktail. Guinness steamrolled Rolling Rock, Pabst bested the Beast, Beast Light got about 10 percent more votes than arch enemy Natty Light, and Miller High Life cleanly beat Schlitz.

Below is round two. Cast your ballots, and check back in on Monday afternoon to vote for the finalists!

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The Daily Meal’s Chef Madness Challenge

This round of voting is now closed. Click here to vote in the final round!