The Daily Meal’s Chef Madness Challenge

Vote for your favorites and see who wins!

Chef Madness

As March Madness rages on, we here at The Daily Meal thought that we should jump into the fray, but in a decidedly non-basketball related fashion. It’s Chef Madness!

Here’s how it works. We start with eight chefs, eight dishes that in our opinion go along very nicely with basketball-watching, eight cocktails, and eight beers. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favorites in each category, and from that we’ll whittle it down to one chef, one dish, one cocktail, and one beer.

And here’s where it gets interesting: Once we’ve narrowed it down to the final four, we’ll reach out to the winning chef and put the ball in their court. We’ll invite them into our kitchen and ask them to whip up their ideal versions of the winning dish and cocktail, all the while taking swigs from the winning beer. If they’re not local, we’ll ask them to send over a video themselves, or at least to provide us with a recipe. One thing is for certain: the winning chef will certainly be straying from their comfort zone, and it’ll be awesome.

So vote below, check back every couple of days to vote for the next round, and stay tuned to find out who advances to the Final Four!

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