Daily Digestive: Dorie Greenspan

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Live a day in the food life of a renowned chef
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Nutritionist Elyse Sosin weighs in on Dorie Greenspan’s day.

There’s hope for us all. Despite being a James Beard Award-winner (twice!) for her numerous best-selling cookbooks, a popular food blogger, one of the first chefs to launch their own cooking apps, and someone who's been heralded by The New York Times as a "culinary guru," Dorie Greenspan only learned to cook once she got married. "I didn’t start cooking until I was married and I loved it from the start. Now, decades later, I’m as interested in food and cooking as I was at the beginning. Perhaps even more interested, since food is one of those wonderful subjects where the more you learn, the more there is to learn. It’s endlessly fascinating… and delicious," says Greenspan.

These days, Greenspan is "an eclectic eater and a curious cook," but is there anything she absolutely hates? "I’m lucky in that I can and pretty much will eat anything. If I don’t have to, then I’d prefer not to eat tripe or andouillette.  I keep trying, but I just can’t like them," she says. And, how about favorite cuisine? "I fell in love with French food when I first started cooking and I love it still," she said, which is quite convenient, seeing as Greenspan divides her time between kitchens in France, Connecticut, and Manhattan.

Greenspan is probably best known for being the queen of all things baked, so managing a balance between taste-testing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a tight line to straddle. "The fact is that while I have sweets every day and throughout the day, I truly am only 'tasting' —  I’ll take just a bite or two of each thing that I bake or cook. I’ve never added up all the little bites, but my guess is that they don’t equal a normal-size portion of dessert. However, I love sweets and always finish the day with one. And if I’m at a friend’s home for dinner or in a restaurant, I never miss dessert," reveals Greenspan.

Apart from her "tastes" throughout the day, Greenspan tries to balance out her naughty nibbles out by daily activity, but it doesn’t always pan out. "Every morning, I wake up and say I’m going to throw myself out of the house and walk briskly for an hour… most mornings I head for coffee and my desk instead. When I exercise, which is a couple of times a week, I walk. But even though I don’t have a steady exercise regime (except in my imaginary 'book of good intentions'), I’m active because I’m working in the kitchen a good chunk of every day. Also, I try to make it a point to walk instead of taking a car, bus, or subway," says Greenspan.

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To truly understand the eating habits of this baking guru, we asked Greenspan to disclose a typical day’s food log and asked our resident nutritionist Elyse Sosin, RD, to provide her expert opinion.