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Our editors round up their favorite stories of the week.

The Daily Meal is dedicated to consuming and analyzing the latest food news and trends. From a study that found a positive link between exercise and alcohol consumption to a look at America's food deserts, our editorial staff has gathered some of last week's most interesting stories.

To meet online demand, Finnish baker, Simo Kuusisto and his brother have taken to baking Nordic breads at a Queens bakery. [The New York Times]

Head to the 92nd St. Y on Tuesday for a screening of 'The Restaurateur,' Roger Sherman's documentary about Danny Meyer's road to success. The man behind Gramercy Tavern and Shake Shack will be there to field questions. [Feast]

'Food Deserts' are on the rise in the U.S. The number of people who don't have a car and live more than a mile from the closest grocery store continues to climb. The Department of Agriculture released its 2009 findings, and this trend is most prevalent in the South and the Midwest. [Eater]

The fried chicken chain Chick-fil-A is supporting a series of anti-gay and anti-marriage-equality conferences in Pennsylvania next month. Liberal-leaning chicken sandwich lovers may be switching fast-food allegiance. [Grub Street Philadelphia]

Starbucks debuted a new logo last week, and responses have been mixed. Whether or not the change is fright inducing, it has been interesting to chart reactions. [The Washington Post]

The New York Times published an article last week claiming that there may be a positive link between exercise and alcohol consumption. [Well, The New York Times]

A look at Tropical Race Four, the soil-borne fungus threatening the Cavendish banana industry. Scientists are working to create a genetically modified Cavendish fruit before the blight reaches Central America. [The New Yorker]

According to the USDA, sulfites are forbidden in organic products. However, many winemakers consider the preservative vital to their process. The result? An increase in the number of winemakers boycotting the organic seal of approval. [Los Angeles Times]

Has the rise in popularity of having sommeliers at restaurants diluted the quality of the profession? [The Zester Daily]

Last month, Ron Jeremy premiered his own rum. Now, it seems he will starr in an adult film about a popular L.A. food truck. It's safe to say the food truck trend has gone mainstream. [Los Angeles Times]

Mark Bittman's book, "The Food Matters Cookbook" is full of tips on how to eat food that is healthy, delicious and affordable. Highlights include how to keep your pantry stocked, and why prepping vegetables right after you get home will increase your chances of eating them. [Shine from Yahoo]

Recommended tools, tricks of the trade, guilty-pleasure foods—it's all in the Saveur 100: Chefs' Edition. [Saveur]

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