Customer Finds a Dead Rat inside Their Chop’t Wrap

A customer posted a photo of a dead rat inside their lunch

One of these little guys found their way into someone's lunch.

A man posted a disturbing photo on Twitter earlier this week when his coworker found a dead rat inside their wrap from Chop’t. The wrap was delivered to an office building in the Financial District from a Chop’t location that received an “A” rating during their inspection last September. Steven Henderson, the man who posted the photo in the first place, has since removed it and declined to comment, and another coworker who posted another photo of the “rat wrap” has also removed it from her Twitter feed.

For those who think this might be a hoax, another coworker at the office confirmed to Gothamist that the rat wrap was in fact real. In an anonymous email, he explained that the wrap was delivered and no one in the office saw it being made. Luckily, he also confirmed that the receiver didn’t actually eat any of it before the rat was discovered.


The salad chain’s owners have posted a letter of apology on their website, in which they ensure guests that all of their locations are routinely inspected by the Department of Health. They also write that they have requested an inspection in response to the discovery. The location is currently open for business and awaiting further inspection.