Cupcake ATM Opens Today on the Upper East Side

The Sprinkles 24-hour cupcake ATM has finally opened on the Upper East Side in Manhattan
24/7 Cupcakes at the Sprinkles ATM

Sprinkles Cupcakes launches its ATM in New York City, allowing fans of the sweet treat to have access to their favorite flavors at all hours

The cupcake ATM: it's like a regular ATM but instead of cold hard cash, you get a delicious baked good. So it's a win-win, really.

Sprinkles Cupcakes came to New York in 2011, and since the announcement of their cupcake ATM, New Yorkers have been looking forward to the day when they can eat cupcakes on demand- from an after-school snack, to a serious 2 a.m. frosting emergency.

Well, the moment we’ve been patiently waiting for is finally here: Thanks to Sprinkles Cupcakes, you can now satisfy your sweet tooth any time of the day by buying a cupcake from New York’s very first 24-hour cupcake ATM.

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The bubblegum pink dispensary, located outside their shop on Lexington and East 61st St., really does look like a bank ATM and actually has a golden ticket surprise for any super fans who buy a cupcake today. They will be dispensing 100 gift cards for 1 dozen cupcakes, one $500 American Express gift card, and one gift card for a Sprinkles cupcake party. Yum!

Not around in New York? Sprinkle Cupcakes has other ATMs in Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas. 


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