Cult in Papua New Guinea Dines on Human Flesh

Authorities arrest 29 people accused of cannibalism

Authorities arrested 29 people after accusations surfaced that the group was involved in a cannibalistic cult in Papua New Guinea, according to the Huffington Post.

This latest story from Papua New Guinea in one in a recent string of cannibalism stories that have made international headlines. Recently, a man was accused of eating the face of a homeless person in Miami, a college student ate the heart and brain of his roommate in Maryland, and a former pornographic film actor murdered, dismembered, and ate a student in Montreal.

The eight women and 21 men are accused of murdering seven people in the jungle interior of Papua New Guinea, reported the Huffington Post.

Cult members allegedly murdered their victims, who were said to be witch doctors, and ate their raw brains, making soup from their body parts, according to The National, a newspaper in Papua New Guinea.

"We ate their brains raw and took body parts such as livers, hearts and others back to the hausman [traditional men’s houses]," said one of those arrested to The National.

The case in the Madang district court was adjourned until Aug. 17, allowing police to collect more information according to The National.

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