Cranberry Festival Returns to Nantucket

The island celebrates its native cranberry


The Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s Cranberry Festival returns Oct. 6 to Milestone Bog. Generally closed to the public, the certified organic bog is opened to visitors each year when the berries are harvested in the fall.

Festival-goers can watch the berries being harvested on the 193-acre Milestone Bog and learn about the history of cranberry farming on Nantucket. Cranberries have been grown on Nantucket since 1857 and the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s cranberry bogs produce nearly 2 million pounds of cranberries a year.

The 10th annual festival includes a quarter-mile walking tour with signs detailing information about cranberries and their historic role in Nantucket agriculture; tastings of Nantucket cranberries and Windswept organic cranberries; and stands selling chocolate-covered cranberries, cranberry bread, and cranberry bog honey. Other fall activities like hay rides and sheep shearing demonstrations are also planned. Entrance to the Cranberry Festival is free.

Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.