Cracker Barrel Introduces New ‘Wholesome Fixins’ Menu

The new menu aims to please the health-conscious

Cracker Barrel will now have healthier menu options with the addition of 8 new dishes.

Cracker Barrel, the chain of country-style restaurants with more than 600 locations nationwide, has come out with a new menu called Wholesome Fixins, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. This is their biggest change ever to their menu, adding eight new dishes, all of which are less than 600 calories.

Cracker Barrel’s senior vice president of marketing, Chris Ciavarra, said that guests generally found the bulk of the old menu’s items to be too rich. Many of their dishes do in fact sound like a bit much, such as the half-pound chopped steak and sugar-cured harm, both of which are served with buttermilk biscuits or corn muffins.

Guests took a survey that measured their thoughts before and after the addition of Wholesome Fixins. The two categories were variety and healthfulness. It came as no surprise that guests rated the two categories to be higher after the addition of Wholesome Fixins.


Some of their new lighter dishes include the Good Morning Breakfast with scrambled Egg Beaters, turkey bacon, sliced tomatoes, cheese grits, and fruit, or the pecan crusted catfish, a farm raised catfish fillet, grilled and topped with creole marmalade, and seasoned breadcrumbs with parsley and pecan pieces.