Couple Allows Starbucks Customers to Name Its Baby

A Connecticut couple put their unborn son's name up to a vote at their local Starbucks.

A couple allowed Starbucks customers to decide between two names for their son.

Maybe Kimye should have tried this instead: A coffee-loving Connecticut couple is letting Stabucks’ customers choose the name of their child.

The couple, Jennifer James, and Mark Dixon told the New Haven Register that they have been struggling to agree on a name for the boy they are expecting in September. So, they decided, as any logical people would, to let the customers at their local Starbucks decide.

They put a to-go Starbucks cup covered in pictures of blue baby’s feet at the register with a sign that reads “Help us choose our son’s (first) name, Jackson or Logan,” according to the New Haven Register.

While the couple gave the two options, those are not the only answers they receive. Some answers say simple “neither,” others suggested “Obama,” “Jebediah” or "Lincoln."

Dixon told the New Haven Register that they received nearly 1,800 votes since they started the contest, not including people who voted more than once. And on June 25, despite the influx of fake names, the name “Logan” won out “by far.”


The couple announced the name to the customers by hanging a sign declaring which name had won.