Cornell Dairy Bar

Photo by Lauren Kaplan

In addition to providing great facilities such as indoor and outdoor seating, the renovation also allows students to see how fresh the ice cream really is. Dairy Bar visitors can watch the ice cream production from an indoor balcony or through a glass wall facing Tower Road.

Photo by Lauren Kaplan

Some of the Dairy Bar’s popular flavors include cookie dough, Cornelia’s dark secret (vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes), coconutty spring thaw (coconut ice cream with praline pecans and chocolate flakes), and black raspberry. Along the flavors consistently on the menu, the Dairy Bar also features contributions from the FDSC 1101, “Science and Technology of Foods” course. In this class students develop ice cream flavors, which are judged by a panel of ice cream experts. The winning flavor is then produced and sold at the Dairy Bar.

Location: Stocking Hall, 411 Tower Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850
Hours of operation: Mon-Fri: 7:30am-6:00pm, Sat: 12:00pm-5:00pm, Sun: closed

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