Coors Light Warms Up Color-Changing Can for China

Customer preference for slightly warmer beer led to a redesign

Coors Light cans will turn blue at a slightly higher temperature in China.

Even in July, not all beer customers want to grab a nice, refreshing cold one. In fact, in China a general preference for warmer beverages has led Coors Light to change the design of their temperature-sensing cans so they will change color at a slightly warmer temperature.

According to Shanghaiist, the mountains on Coors Light’s color-changing cans turn blue at 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit in the U.S. But that’s slightly too cold for customers in the Chinese market, so Coors Light cans there will now get their blue mountains at 41 to 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

“We dropped the temperature for the thermochromatic ink, and it still turns blue, but it’s not so cold,” said Molson Coors CEO Peter Swinburn.

Little changes that appeal to local tastes are key to success in International markets, executives say.


“We take into account local drinking habits, but brand identity will remain the same,” said Krishnan Anand, president and CEO of Molson Coors International, in an interview with Bloomberg.