Coors Light Thinks Skiers And Snowboarders Can't Tell How Cold It Is Outside

You may not drink the beer, but you probably have heard of the Coors Light cans that change color with temperature. When the mountains on the label turn blue, that's a sign the beer is cold enough to drink. Why you need to depend on your eyes to tell you this, we're not sure (because your sense of touch must be as impaired as your sense of taste if you drink that beer, maybe?), but it's a neat bit of technology nonetheless.

Now comes news Coors Light has partnered with K2 Sports, a Seattle-based sports equipment maker that runs 40 international brands. Products are mostly cold-weather sports geared, such as skis, snowboards, snowshoes, and outdoor apparel. Can you guess what's coming?

Yes, the partnership has resulted in K2/Coors Light cold-activated skis and K2/Coors Banquet cold-activated snowboards. Not "activated," in the send of sports activity, though. Just like the cans, these skis and boards have graphics of mountain imagery that will turn blue at the right temperature. According to a rep from the company, that's "a sign that it's time to hit the slopes."

Even more exciting, if possible, is that Coors will be running several text-to-win and Facebook contests over the next few months. Some of the prizes are pretty cool, actually, and include trips to the Stevens Pass outdoor resort Kamp K2 and the aforementioned snowboards and skis, plus some branded apparel and accessories.

So, if you've been in the dire position of wanting to go out and ski, but were stymied because you just weren't sure if it was cold enough at that very moment, your problems are now over. Thanks, Coors Light.

— Danya Henninger, The Drink Nation

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