Denmark’s Biggest Grocery Chain Embraces Cage-Free Eggs

Coop, the biggest supermarket in Denmark, vowed to go cage-free by 2020
Chicken eggs


Coop Denmark, the biggest grocery chain in Denmark, has vowed to switch to selling only cage-free eggs by 2020. 

Conventionally raised eggs have been falling out of favor lately, with multiple restaurants and supermarkets vowing to shift to serving and selling only cage-free eggs in the coming years. Now the biggest supermarket chain in Denmark has vowed to do the same.

According to The Local, the Coop grocery chain is the biggest supermarket company in Denmark, and it just announced that it would be phasing out eggs from caged hens in the next few years. The company says it intends to be selling only cage-free eggs by 2020.

“From our experience, we can see a general trend in the market: Danes want more animal welfare,” said Jens Visholm, Coop’s managing director.


Coop oversees several supermarket brands, and some of the grocery chains under its umbrella already switched to cage-free eggs several years ago, and that move proved very successful for those brands. This new policy will make cage-free eggs the standard at all of its supermarkets.