The Coolest (and Nerdiest) Coffee Video You'll Ever See

Find out how Blue Bottle Coffee and other specialty roasters get the perfect coffee
Premium Coffee Vs Store Brands: What's the Difference?

Dan Streetman of Irving Farm Coffee explains what to expect when purchasing different kinds of coffee

Learn the basics of coffee roasting, bean to cup.

Trust us, who gets the award for most awesome coffee video is highly contested here (especially with that video of the physics of coffee and cream). But everyone deserves to watch what we might call "coffee porn" — beautiful coffee beans roasted to perfection — in this new documentary about specialty coffee roasters. 

Eater shares the video from Blue Bottle Coffee Co., Handsome Coffee Roasters (in Los Angeles), and LAMILL Coffee, which tells the story from bean to roast. That includes flavor profiles (lemons? blackberries?), roasting, grinding, to cupping. Said one roaster of the "journey" of the bean, "It's like getting to know a person... it's the same thing with a cup of coffee." 

To really get an idea of where your coffee comes from, watch the full 12-minute documentary from Thrash Lab's Subculture Club — it may or may not get you dreaming about your 4 p.m. coffee run. (You can also watch The Daily Meal's discuss premium coffee versus store-bought coffee with another of our favorite roasters, Irving Farm.)