Cool Down This Summer with 'Winesicles'

Freeze your own wine pops at home

This summer, kick it up a notch and cool down with these wine-filled popsicles.

In the dog days of summer, no treat can hit the spot quite like an ice-cold popsicle. But who says pops are just for kids? This summer, kick it up a notch and cool down with these wine-filled popsicles.

Last summer, New Zealand’s Kim Crawford Wines teamed up with the Brooklyn-based People’s Pops to create some deliciously cool summer sweets. While no longer available in stores, thankfully they left the recipes online so that you can make them at home!

If you love Creamsicles, try the Sauvignon Blanc Infused Yellow Peach and Vanilla Ice Pops. The creaminess of the vanilla pairs naturally with peaches, and the sauvignon blanc’s crisp acidity offers a refreshing balance. For more of a punch, freeze up a batch of Pinot Noir Infused Blackberry Ice Pops. The blackberries will bring out the dark fruit flavors in the pinot noir, making for the most luxurious of frozen treats.

All across the country, people are experimenting with all sorts of delectable wine popsicle recipes. Add some Spanish flair to your freezer with a tray of White Sangria Popsicles, an icy twist on the traditional wine cocktail. Honest Cooking toyed around with four different recipes, their bubbly Cavasicles looking particularly luscious. For those ice cream addicts, try this recipe for Red Wine Fudgesicles. Although the recipe doesn’t specify, try using syrah, whose spiciness and notes of dark cherry will pair well with the chocolate.

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