When Chocolate Meets Coffee

A collection of wonderful recipes combining two favorite flavors: chocolate and coffee

When Chocolate Meets Coffee

For some reason, when you use a little coffee when baking with chocolate, the inherent chocolatey flavor is so much more pronounced and powerful. It’s true: Just add a tablespoon of instant coffee to your next chocolate cake and you’ll see — the results are extraordinary.

Yet when you add a lot of coffee to your chocolate, you get such an exceptional flavor that it gets its own name: mocha.

When you are in need of a sweet decadent chocolate fix and also are in need of a caffeine boost, mocha brings together the best of both worlds in one opulent bite.

In this week’s SWAT (Sharing With A Theme), our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers shared their coffee and chocolate masterpieces. Although the term mocha technically denotes a beverage that incorporates both chocolate and coffee, we are in favor of innovation and bending the rules. In this recipe roundup, we have 12 beautifully styled recipes for iced treats, cakes, cookies, and even a cocktail!  

Banana Walnut Cake With Mocha Buttercream

“This cake has mysterious restorative properties,” writes The View From Great Island. “Which might, or might not, have something to do with a shot of espresso.” For the recipe, click here.

Cardamom Coffee Fudge Pop

A Calculated Whisk says, “These cardamom coffee fudgesicles are like the perfect iced mocha in creamy popsicle form. The cardamom gives them a uniquely enticing flavor.” For the recipe, click here.

Chocolate Espresso Cookie

The Redhead Baker took her favorite chocolate cookie recipe, switched the regular cocoa powder to dark chocolate cocoa powder, and added espresso powder to make these gorgeously dark cookies. Check out the recipe here.

Coffee Waffles With Chocolate Drizzle

“I love the subtle hint of coffee in there, and it pairs so well with the melted chocolate,” explains Stay Alive and Cooking.  For the recipe, click here.

Cold Brew Iced Mocha Pops

Cold brew on a stick! What could be better? For the recipe, click here.

CopyCat Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino

Stacey Homemaker “put[s] a healthy spin on a classic by using creamy coconut milk, no additional sugar, and aquafaba whipped cream!” Check it out here.

Grain-Free Chocolate Cake With Mocha Buttercream

“It’s so rich that we got a full 20 slices out of it.” Check out this recipe from A Calculated Whisk here.

Hazelnut Mocha Coffee and Cream Cookies

“These cookies, like a fresh mug of coffee, are for times when you want to slow down and enjoy the moment. They are a treat. An invitation to stop, savor, appreciate and enjoy,” illustrates Of Batter and Dough. Click here for the recipe.

Mocha Cheesecake

This cheesecake is almost like the Oreo cheesecake of your childhood… but better thanks to the coffee flavor.

For Mon Petit Four’s recipe, click here.

Mocha Espresso Coffee Cake With Pecan Streusel and Glaze

No Spoon Necessary says it best: “One thing that sets this cake apart is that it is indeed a ‘coffee’ cake. Well, technically an espresso cake, but same-same.” Click here for the recipe.

Mocha Latte Cocktail

“This decadent mocha latte cocktail will warm you from the inside out,” writes 2 Cookin’ Mamas. “Hot coffee is combined with coffee tequila, white chocolate liqueur and cream for a rich, chocolatey drink that’s perfect for cold weather.” For the recipe, click here.

Mocha Ricotta Pie With Strawberries

“What makes it so fabulous is the trifecta of a lightly sweetened, crunchy shortbread crust, a rich and creamy ricotta filling with chocolate, coffee, and a hint of lemon (yes, lemon!), and a topping of juicy strawberries,” says A Calculated Whisk. For the recipe, click here.