Trust Us: You Need This Hot Toddy Recipe

It’s cold outside! Settle in and snuggle up with this warm, spiked cocktail

Two special ingredients give this toddy a delightful upgrade

This recipe was created by Megan Dorman, mixologist and owner of NYC’s The Bennett. Believe us, it’s a good one.

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This version of the hot toddy diverges from the traditional recipe with the additions of ginger liqueur and pumpkin butter — both of which add extra flavor and depth. The pumpkin butter, in particular, makes this hot and boozy toddy feel incredibly smooth on the palate. Feel free to mix it up with apple butter, too!

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Haystack Hot Toddy

1 ounce Elijah Craig Small Batch

1/2 ounce Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur

1 teaspoon pumpkin butter

hot water

1 whole clove

1 orange peel


Temper glass or teacup with hot water. Empty the glass or teacup and add in the bourbon, ginger liqueur, and pumpkin butter. Top with hot water, and then garnish with clove-spiked orange twist.