Tasty Weeknight Fish Made in 30 Minutes or Less

Welcome to Meals Under 30, a new series featuring fast and delicious weeknight meals courtesy of our Culinary Content Network
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Honey Glazed Salmon // The Healthy Cooking Blog

The Daily meal presents Meals Under 30, a new series in conjunction with our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers.

In each Meals Under 30 recipe roundup, our talented bloggers share their best go-to weeknight recipes for when they need to get dinner on the table fast but refuse to sacrifice flavor or quality. This week, we are all about fast and delicious fish dishes that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Check out what we are eating this week:

Herb Roasted Barramundi With Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette


Coley Cooks says, “Get some barramundi in your life, STAT.” This fish has it all: It’s flavorful, economical, sustainable, and packed with essential nutrients. For this dish, Coley drizzles an herbaceous meyer lemon vinaigrette over a just-baked fillet. Check it out here.  

A Curry Salmon Dish to Knock His Socks Off


Seduction Meals poaches her salmon in a creamy curry sauce to infuse the fillets with deep flavor. Find the recipe here.

Honey Glazed Salmon


Blogger Holly Clegg shares one of her most popular recipes ever: She first combines honey, soy sauce, lime juice, and mustard to create a tangy and umami-rich glaze. Once smothered onto the salmon fillets, the glaze thickens as it cooks. Check it out here.

Sole Meunière


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In French cuisine, meunière means “miller’s wife” (like a flour mill), and the technique calls for the main ingredient to be lightly dredged in flour. This step creates a delightful crust that is both light and crispy — try it yourself with Mon Petit Four’s Sole Meunière garnished with parsley and lemon.