Summer's Hottest Kitchen Gadgets Slideshow

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Oneida's Twister Ice Cream Scoop

What's summertime without ice cream? Make sure you're enjoying the classic staple right with this new Twister Ice Cream Scoop from Oneida. A pointed edge makes sure you're scooping into the hardest tubs of ice cream with ease, and the unique auger design results in the perfectly rounded scoop.

Citrus Juicer From Cuisipro

Nothing's more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of lemonade or freshly squeezed OJ during the summer, so take advantage of the summer's juiciest fruits with the new Citrus Juicer from Cuisipro. This sleek juicer comes in two different sizes for various fruits and is attached to a measuring cup for ease in use.

Prepara Trio-Tri Blade Peeler

Beautify your cooking this summer with this Trio Tri-Blade Peele from Prepara, which makes peeling everything from peaches and potatoes to julienned carrots easier than ever. Made from the finest Japanese surgical steel, this tool is the go-to peeler for the summer, offering three sizes of blades that can are kept inside the handle for safe and easy storage.

S'More to Love S'More Maker

Bring the campfire home this summer with this quirky contraption from S'More to Love. Easy to use, the metal grate makes it simple for you to stack six s'mores to make in your oven or on your outdoor grill. With the S'more to Love s'more maker, creating a summertime favorite without the struggle of a bonfire is easier than ever. 


Grilling never gets old during the summer, so speed up the process with this three-in-one grilling tool from Quirky. A spatula, tong, and fork rolled into one, the Stake makes grilling several different foods — from hamburgers to sausages and vegetables — at once a cinch. Brushed stainless steel and sturdy wooden handles make it a reliable and must-have kitchen tool for the season. 

T-Fal Actifry

Create the perfect — and healthiest — french fry for your barbecue this summer with the newest T-Fal ActiFry. A health-conscious multi-cooker, the ActiFry's unique technology makes frying just about anything easy with no more than one spoonful of oil.

Microplane Classic Series Premium Zester

There's no shortage of citrus on the menu this summer, so be fully prepared with this premium zester series from Microplane. Available in three different varieties, these easy-to-use tools cover everything from zesting a lemon to grating garlic.

Microplane Easy Prep Series Herb Mill

Summertime equals freshness, which equals herbs, so do away with the tedious task of chopping leafy herbs with this easy manual-style chopper from Microplane. Herbs are expertly chopped or minced with a simple twist, making your summer meals even easier to prepare.

Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer

Spruce up your steaks this summer with this dynamic meat tenderizer from Microplane. With razor-sharp blades wrapped in an easy-to-roll shape, this unique tenderizer cuts through the toughest cuts of fiber to result in tender, succulent meat.

T-Fal Balanced Living Yogurt Maker

A refreshing yogurt is the perfect summertime snack, so the T-Fal Balanced Living Yogurt Maker is a perfect gadget to have on hand this season. The unique machine churns out homemade yogurt by simply adding milk and yogurt ingredients, and includes seven glass jars with lids for easy storage.