Slim Your Slice: Healthy Pizza Recipes Slideshow

Cheesy Fennel and Zucchini Pizza


Fennel is one of the ingredients that give Italian sausage its distinctive taste. Sprinkle it, fresh or dried, onto your pie and you'll get the flavor you crave minus all that unwanted fat and bloat-inducing sodium.

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Greek Pizza


"Feta on pizza is a really smart choice," says Gans. "You only need a little to get a lot of flavor, which results in a huge calorie savings." Then there's a generous serving of veggies, including roasted red peppers and grape tomatoes, which dish up more than 40 percent of your daily dose of vitamin C. And that essential nutrient has been shown to assist with fat burning, according to research at Arizona State University.

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Ricotta-Pear Pizza


If you like your slice on the sweet side, there's another option besides Hawaiian-style (that's pineapple and ham for the uninitiated). Try some nonfat ricotta sweetened with orange marmalade, a touch of honey, and slices of fiber-filled pears for a healthy meal that tastes like it could be dessert.

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Prosicutto and Goat Cheese Pizza


Hold the pepperoni and sausage. "Prosciutto is much leaner and provides the same meaty satisfaction without all the calories or grease," says Gans. Trade mozzarella for goat cheese and you'll get a mouthful of creamy goodness and 11 percent fewer calories.

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Spinach Salad Pizza


Forget about ordering a side salad with your slice — you can just pile your greens right on top instead. This combo features blue-cheese crumbles, which add a big kick of robust flavor for a fraction of the fat you'd get from a standard mozzarella-loaded piece. And best of all, there's zero cooking required.

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