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Pancake Mix Recipe: Here’s Why You Should Make Homemade Pancakes

Make flapjacks in a flash
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A stack of warm, fluffy pancakes topped with buttery goodness and gooey syrup is an iconic breakfast food that can take any meal — because pancakes aren’t just for breakfast — from good to great. But if you’re buying pancake mix from your local grocery store, you’re spending unnecessary dollars to satisfy your cravings. The next time you’re dying for a tall stack of flapjacks, make the mix yourself. 

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Even on lazy weekends, making homemade classic pancakes is just as easy as cooking the store-bought variety, and you’ll only need pantry staples to do it. Combine your dry ingredients — flour, baking powder, salt and sugar — into a mixing bowl and whisk your wet ingredients — eggs, vanilla and milk — into another bowl. Once finely mixed, pour your wet ingredients in the middle of your dry mix, whisk, and you have a delicious pancake batter.

If you always want to have pancake mix at the ready, combine your dry ingredients in a container with a sealable, airtight lid then store it in a dry, cool place. When you’re ready to whip up a batch, simply pour the dry ingredients in a bowl and add your wet ingredients. And if you want to make your pancakes even better, try adding unexpected ingredients — like potato chips or sprinkles — to your mix to take it to the next level. 


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