This Oreo Hack Will Change Your Life

In brief ode to the wonders of the iconic duo cookies and milk, this Oreo hack will change your milk-dunking life forever
Are you ready? Here’s a new way to dunk milk’s favorite cookie


Are you ready? Here’s a new way to dunk milk’s favorite cookie

There is not much wrong with the incredible and legendary pairing of cookies with milk — especially when Oreos are the cookie of choice. There is seriously something special going on in with this little chocolate crème sandwich cookie made with a very precise 71-percent cookie to 29-percent cream ratio; and when dipped in milk, it’s simply divine.

However — and we may be getting nit-picky here — dunking can get a little messy: fingers coated with soggy black cookie, a dribble of cold milk working its way down your fingers to your palm and arm only to drip onto the counter or your clothes. It’s annoying, to say the least, but we Oreo and milk enthusiasts are forced to endure. But wait, are we?

Alas, there is an awesome Oreo dipping hack that will figuratively and literally change your life. Are you ready? Here’s a new way to dunk milk’s favorite cookie:

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

  • A glass of cold milk (fat content at eater’s discretion)
  • A stack of Oreos (stuffing amount and flavor at eater’s discretion)
  • A fork (yes, a fork)

Step 2: Skewer the Cookie

Begin to internally hum some dramatic fanfare music (like this song); you can also choose to do this out loud, but it is recommended that this is only done in solitary. In your left hand, grab an Oreo and hold it horizontally. In your right hand, hold the fork; tines held toward the cookie and horizontal. Begin to raise one to the other and when the dramatic fanfare reaches a climax, insert the fork into the Oreo’s frosting.  You have now successfully skewered your Oreo and it is ready to be expertly wielded into the glass of milk.  

Step 3: Dunk Away

Personally, I subscribe to the dunking theory suggesting that the cookie becomes perfectly saturated yet remains intact when you pause at the top of each dunking movement to allow the milk to run out of the cookie and back into the glass. Repeat this process to reach the desired milk saturation.

Step 4: Eat and Repeat


Munch away with squeaky-clean pleasure, and after you enjoy your first cookie, begin again at Step 2 and repeat until your stack of Oreos disappears.