New Uses for Vinegar Slideshow

Stop Cervical Cancer

According to this article, doctors are using vinegar to detect early cases of cervical cancer. By brushing the cervix with white vinegar, precancerous cells turn white, allowing doctors to spot the cells and remove them easily. Of the 6,000 women who participated in the first trial 11 years ago, not a single one has developed full-blown cervical cancer. Amazing!

Keep Flowers Fresh

Mix two tablespoons of vinegar and one of teaspoon sugar into your flower water and your blooms will be brighter longer.

Kill Weeds

Simply spray or pour some full-strength white vinegar on those unwanted plants, and presto!

Grow Azaleas

Azaleas love an acidic soil. Occasionally adding a few tablespoons of vinegar when you water your azaleas will keep that PH right where you want it.

Remove Pet Odors

Mix equal parts water and vinegar and douse the soiled area. Let dry.

Polish Chrome

Full-strength vinegar, some elbow grease, and a nice, soft cloth oughta do ya.

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