More S'mores Than You Know What to Do With

S'mores Brownies

Enjoy your favorite dessert s'mores-style with this recipe from Kris Schoels.

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Back Deck S'mores

The backyard grilling experts at the Back Deck in Boston, Massachussets, put a spin on the s'more with espresso-infused marshmallows.

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S'mores on a Stick

Looking for a way to serve s'mores at your next dinner party? This whimsical recipe from Kris Schoels makes them easy to enjoy without the sticky mess.

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S'mores Pudding in a Jar

Enjoy s'mores with a spoon with this pudding recipe.

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No campfire? No problem. This S'more to Love S'more maker makes it easy for you to whip them up without the struggle of a bonfire.

Individual S'more Tarts

This recipe infuses the camping treat with sophistication, with homemade marshmallow topping the endearing little tarts.

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Mystery S'more Package

Anne Dolce

And last but certainly not least, our mysterious s'mores package, sent from the unknown to the Cook Editors here at The Daily Meal without a rhyme or reason. What would you do with this mystery s'mores ingredients?