This Lunch Recipe Will Keep You Energized All Afternoon

Trade carbs for proteins in this energy-packed recipe

Emily Jacobs

This black bean burger is packed with energy-boosting proteins that will keep you feeling full, not stuffed.

Trying to avoid that afternoon slump? Re-think what you eat for lunch. High-carb, heavy lunches will cause a quick spike in blood sugar, but this energy boost is fleeting. Give it an hour and the easily processed carb-packed lunch you just enjoyed will turn on you, leaving you hungry and tired.

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Instead, opt for high-protein lunches that leave you full, not stuffed. Grilled chicken over lightly dressed salad greens, quinoa salads, and grilled fish are all light, healthy options that trade empty calories for hard-working protein.

If you want the ultimate energy-boosting lunch, we suggest a black bean burger. This hearty burger will satisfy carnivores and vegetarians alike. Serve it on a whole-grain bun or wrapped in leaf lettuce. You can add more great flavor with this spicy burger sauce or your favorite cheese. This quick and easy meal — it only takes 10 minutes to make — will be the pick-me-up you need to make it through your afternoon activities.


The accompanying slideshow is provided by special contributor, Emily Alford.

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