Memorial Day Weekend: LongHorn Steakhouse Launches Grilling Hotline For All Your Cooking Needs

Memorial Day is right around the corner. It's time to purchase seasonal produce, get your favorite meats ready and light up the grill. Everyone makes mistakes while grilling, but if you want to make a flawless, tasty grilled meal that'll leave your family wondering if you're a celebrity chef, LongHorn Steakhouse's social media hotline is here to help.

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Grilling a juicy steak and perfecting next-level burgers is a skill the LongHorn team has mastered. So throughout Memorial Day Weekend, the steakhouse's team of in-house experts will be answering any immediate questions guests might have when grilling up their dishes at home. To reach out to the grilling experts, simply post your question and use #LHGRILLUS on Twitter or Instagram. Guests can also post their grilling questions directly on LongHorn's Facebook page. 

Coronavirus might have affected how diners are used to celebrating Memorial Day weekend, but LongHorn Steakhouse's social media grilling hotline will guarantee the food is just as good. Delicious barbecue isn't the only thing we're missing these days; here's what diners miss the most while quarantined.