How to Save Money at the Meat Counter Slideshow


The Bavette Cut


The bavette is the really long tail on the T-bone steak that butchers usually throw away or use to grind up for hamburger meat. Underly says that you can now find this cut whole, or request it in advance, and likes to think of it as a thicker version of a skirt steak. Incredibly versatile, it practically melts in your mouth after some thorough tenderization. At $8 to $10 per pound, it’s quite the steal when you’re looking for a nice cut of meat.

Beef Chuck Roast


One of Underly’s favorite sections of the cow, this front portion contains the fourth-most tender muscle, and has some pretty amazing flavors as well. Underly asks for the Denver cut or chuck-eye steaks from this part, and likes to use them for braising, stewing, and grilling. Even better, a chuck roast is about $4 per pound.

The Flat Iron Steak


Anyone who loves beef tenderloin knows that not only is it the most tender cut of the cow but it’s also the most expensive. Underly recommends getting the flat iron cut instead, which is the second-most tender cut and about half the price, at about $10 per pound. Underly likes this cut because it upholds its tenderness no matter how much you overcook it.  

The Round


The round is the leg of the animal, and accounts for about 24 percent of the weight of the cow. Underly suggests going for cuts from the whole top round because theyre often the leaner, less tender parts and therefore cost less. This is because it's where most of the motion takes place in the animal, and so therefore it has more muscle and can be a bit tough. To think about it in a different light, it's one of the reasons veal, or a baby cow, is so tender and delicious, because their muscle tissue has had very little movement. Underlys favorite cuts from the whole top round are the top round steaks, which can be as little as $2 a pound for sale price, and the London broil, which is around $5 per pound.

The Petite Tender Cut


For those who can’t get enough of steak au poivre, this is a great alternative version that gets you the same, mini portion and tender texture, but it only costs about $5 per pound.

'The Art of Beef Cutting'

Kari Underly

OK, this isn’t one that Underly gave us, but we have to include it on our list because we truly do find it helpful when pinching pennies. While it is targeted toward the merchandiser and how to save money selling meat, we think it comes in handy when buying as well.

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Good Tools

Shun Knives

First and foremost, Underly stresses that if you don’t have a good sharp knife and good cutting board, you may as well throw the money in the garbage. Dull knives will lead not only to injury but will literally butcher your meat, so make sure to invest in something that’ll get the job done well.