How to Organize Your Dream Kitchen Slideshow

Take Advantage of Shallow Shelves

Shallow shelves in the pantry are perfect for glassware and make for easy access and visibility.

Non-Standing Foods

Use baskets in a pantry for all those items that do not stand, like snack foods, almonds, rice, pastas, kids snacks, chips, etc.

Shallow Baskets


Use shallow baskets to prevent the "big dig."

Where to Place Appliances

Place regularly used appliances within easy reach, storing those used less frequently on higher shelves.

Hanging Aprons and Towels


Use wall hooks to hang aprons and towels.

More Flexibility for Storage

In a linen or pantry closet, place your top shelf against the ceiling or as high as you can. (It makes the top shelf adjustable.) When dealing with a door header, this is the ultimate solution for creating flexibility for storage.

How to Store Cans

Store cans horizontally in drawers to avoid the "Food Museum Effect" that happens when items get lost in the back of cabinets.

Easy Linen Storage


Use a slide-out pant/skirt hanger for storing linens in the pantry.