How to Make Your Own Thin Mints at Home Slideshow

The Dough

For our cookie, we started with a basic shortbread recipe and added a little cocoa powder to the dry ingredients. To the butter and sugar, we added peppermint extract to get that mint flavor that we’ve all come to know and love in our Thin Mints.

Thinning a Thin Mint

They’re not called Thin Mints for nothing. To get our cookies nice and skinny, we rolled the dough out into golf ball-sized rounds and gave them a little smash with the bottom of a glass. 

The Cookie

Our baked cookies were crisp, rustically round, and delicious. So delicious that some may have met their demise before getting a coat of chocolate icing.

The Chocolate Coat

Speaking of which, we were pretty darn sure about one thing when it came to the chocolate coat of a thin mint: it had to be dark chocolate. A lot of imitation recipes out there just melt chocolate and butter together for a Thin Mint’s coat, but we got ambitious and added a little peppermint extract to it, too.


Now it’s time for some skinny dipping (literally!). First we dunked the bottom of the cookie in a bath of peppermint dark chocolate before placing it on a parchment-lined baking sheet to be showered in a drizzle of the chocolate on top. 

The Daily Meal’s Thin Mint

Our Thin Mints we’re chocolaty, fulfilling, and homespun. They retained all of the delicious qualities we love in the Girl Scouts’ original cookie, with just a hint of homemade flair. 

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