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How to Make a Better Cupcake Slideshow

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1. Mise en Place

Goodness, not another fancy French cooking term. Do we really need to know this one? Yes, we do, actually, because it can mean the difference between success and failure, not just when baking cupcakes, but for cooking in general. Mise en place, or one's "meez" as it is affectionately referred to in professional kitchens, roughly translates to "putting things in their place" or "everything in its place." This means measuring all of the ingredients out, such as the butter, flour, and sugar, cracking the eggs into small, individual bowls, and making sure all the tools needed for the recipe are out, assembled (if applicable), and ready to go, before starting the recipe.

Bobbie says: When measuring out dry ingredients like flour and sugar, she likes to do so on top of paper towels, because no matter how carefully you try to do it, there's always some sort of slop or spillover. This way, everything ends up on the paper towel, which means less cleanup later on.