How to Char a Poblano Pepper Slideshow

Start Your Engines

Will Budiaman

Turn the stove on high.

Get the Show on the Road

Will Budiaman

Using tongs, place the pepper directly on the grating.

Be Patient

Will Budiaman

Now, here comes the hard part: waiting. This is a lot like grilling; you don't want a whole lot of movement or the pepper won't char properly. You can perform other prep for your recipe in the meantime, but keep checking once in a while to make sure things are progressing smoothly.

Is It Black?

Will Budiaman

If the first side has completely charred, rotate the pepper 90 degrees and char the second side. It should be completely black. If it has only charred partially, reposition the pepper as needed to char the first side completely. You may hear popping or hissing sounds coming from the pepper. This is completely normal. Repeat until all sides are charred.

Let Cool

Will Budiaman

Remove the pepper from the stove and place on a work surface to cool. If you're doing more peppers, start with the next one. (Once you get really comfortable with this, only the number of burners on your stove will limit how fast you can char peppers.) 

Remove the Skins

Will Budiaman

Once the pepper has cooled, using your hands, slip off the skins. They should come right off.

Almost Done

Will Budiaman

Slice off the stem and cut the peppers into quarters. Lay each piece flat on your work surface and use your chef's knife to scrape away any remaining seeds. Chop, slice, or dice to your heart's desire.


Will Budiaman

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