How to Build a Ridiculously Expensive Kitchen Slideshow

Stove and Range: The Island

La Cornue, the esteemed French artisan producer of handmade custom ranges, sells this island range and stovetop with solid walnut drawers for a suggested retail price of $103,150 as pictured at left. For an additional price, a two-line inscription can also be added. The company, which has been around since 1908, is known for its exceptional ranges and ovens that have the capabilities of other convection ovens but without a fan, so that food does not dry out. The ranges and ovens can be personalized down to the trims, railings, and details like including polished or brushed brass, allowing owners to make this range their own. But don’t look at it like a splurge — these ranges are meant to be passed down for generations, so it’s really more of an investment.


Useful for warming soup, reheating leftovers, or making tea, this microwave outdoes all others in its class. It comes with a pizza pan and high and low racks, and it's actually is also a high-speed oven with the ability to bake, roast, or broil foods. The price of such a multitasking piece of equipment? Currently $1,999.00 (There’s a payment plan though, so no worries)


This recently released series (June 2011) is a new line of Miele dishwashers that are part of the Futura Crystal model line. One of the best features of the new design is that it can safely clean Riedel wine glasses (clearly any owner of this dishwasher will only purchase the best wine glasses possible) without breaking them. Additionally, there is more space for extra-large plates, cutting boards, beer glasses, and adjustable glass rails, so stemware can be placed in both upper and lower baskets. The price? Currently $1,729.


Another gem from La Cornue that makes you wish you had all the money in the world — the built-in, open-faced Flamberge Rotisserie. The photo speaks for itself, but in case you want to want this even more, just know that food can be slow-roasted on spits or placed in a fish basket. Worried about losing those delicious dripping juices? No worries, because trays of roasted vegetables can be placed at the bottom to soak up all of the delicious flavor coming that way. How could life not be incredible with this luxury? It starts at the low price of $10,000.


The new smart fridge from Samsung comes with an 8-inch LCD color touch screen, Wi-Fi-enabled of course, that comes with apps to help making cooking and grocery shopping easy. Sync up to Google Calendar, Epicurious, Pandora, notepads (forget the paper lists of the past) and the Grocery Manager to help keep track of expiration dates on perishable items, plus the ability to set reminders to use food before it spoils clearly a refrigerator from the future, unless you have a lot of money to spend. And this is just what can be done on the outside of the refrigerator. The price for this futuristic fridge? $3,499.00 for the model pictured at left.

Coffee System

A built-in coffee unit with a plumbed-in water connection, this whole bean system comes with an optional warming drawer for cups and plates. The product also features a frothing system with an integrated milk tank, adjustable cup size, and grinder settings for the easy price of $3,099.

Walk-In Beer Fridge

For those who want a bodega or 7-Eleven in their house, this walk-in brew cave is a cooler and kegerator all in one. It can hold more than 30 cases of beer and 4 or more kegs.

Professional Wine Cellar

The luxury of a customized, built-in, 960-bottle oak wine cooler is not something that most people have in their houses. But for just $14,770, this stunning model could be yours.