Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet in 2013 Slideshow

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies may look grassy green, but they taste sweet and sassy with a blend of fruit and veggies. Packed with nutrients, fiber, and flavor, this sweet, green sip is one to try in 2013.

Make Simple Sweet Green Juice.


Step aside kale! There is a new leafy green on the block that is just as diverse in preparation and rich in nutrients. Chard salads should be on your healthy eating menu this year.

Make a raw chard salad and learn why chard is so healthy.


If you love green tea or hot beverages or lattes, give matcha a try. It may be a bit expensive, but matcha is rich in green tea antioxidants and provides a unique energizing boost to your day.

Get 7 matcha facts!

Lemon Water

This wellness ritual is a favorite of many and it is quite simple. All you need is lemon and water. Yup, that is it! Start your day by drinking a mug of warm water and lemon juice and you may love the way it makes your body feel!

Learn about lemon water and 6 other healthy beverages!

Exotic Grains

If you are still only enjoying oats and wheat as your whole grains of choice, take a culinary dive into a few more exotic and healthy grains. Try buckwheat, amaranth, and farro.

Make buckwheat porridge!

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