Healthy Eating Tricks You Will Actually Use

Use these 3 healthy eating tricks all fall and winter long
Healthy Meal Prep

Katie Cavuto, registered dietitian and chef, gives viewers a few quick and healthy meal prep ideas that will last for the entire week.

Healthy Eating Tricks You Actually Will Use In Your Life


Make healthy grains in large batches to save time.

Summer puts a lot of stress on staying healthy and fit, but by the time fall and winter roll around, we are all hoping those baggy sweaters will hide the extra pounds we’ve packed on since hibernation season started. A life sans swimsuits doesn’t mean we need to ditch healthy eating habits, especially when they are this easy.

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Let your hand guide your potions when you are putting together breakfasts, lunches, or dinners. Your palm is roughly the recommended portion of meat (three ounces). The tip of your thumb is about a tablespoon when you are reaching for the peanut butter for a midday protein boost, and your index fingertip is a good guide for knowing exactly how much butter you should spread on your toast in the morning.

Beyond portions, if you are looking for ideas that will help you stick with those healthy habits you worked so hard (or not) to cultivate all summer long, check out these healthy eating tricks you will actually use.

Swap Zoodles for Sweet Potato Noodles



Use sweet potatoes to create vegetable noodles for fall.

Now that zucchini is out of season, you can keep your vegetable noodle momentum going by using nutritious sweet potato noodles. Just don’t call them poodles.

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Use Your Slow-Cooker for Healthy Dinners

Use Your Slow-Cooker


Use your slow-cooker to make healthy meals.

A warm home cooked meal without all the trouble is exactly what we need to stave off the late-night pizza delivery this fall and winter.

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Make Your Favorite Grains and Legumes in Large Batches

Make Healthy Grains In Bulk

You can make healthy grains and lentils in bulk batches.

Pick a grain any grain. Whether you are on a steel cut oats, quinoa, or farro kick, start making large batches of your favorite healthy grains during your free time and enjoy a scoop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — just add toppings, add to soups, or salads for a quick, easy, and healthy treat.

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