Guiltless Grilling Tips Slideshow


1. Portion Out


Stowell says to "never eat directly from the chip bowl." Instead, she suggests portioning out what is your ideal amount to eat and that will decrease your chances of overeating.

2. Stay Hydrated


It’s often said that people turn to food because they mistake thirst for hunger. On a similar note, Stowell recommends staying hydrated with calorie-free, refreshing drinks like water, seltzer, and Crystal Light Pure or other mixes.

3. Make Sure to Savor the Moment


As she says, "Sometimes summer parties are loooong… pace yourself and focus on activities — not just food."

4. Add Grilled Vegetables as a Side


Instead of loading up on potato salad or carb-filled side dishes, Stowell suggests balancing out the meal with a side of grilled vegetables instead.

5. Build a Better Burger

Burgers are key components to a good grill-fest and Stowell sees no reason why they shouldn’t be enjoyed, especially with these easy swap outs: Choose whole-grain buns instead of regular; opt for 90 percent lean ground sirloin instead of 80 percent ground beef; choose a reduced-fat Cheddar instead of regular.

6. Embrace the Chicken Breast


When cooking a protein, Stowell suggest using a skinless split chicken breast

and preparing it with your favorite spice rub mixed with a little olive oil.