The secret to the perfect salt seasoning
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The Definitive Guide to Salt Types and How to Use Them

The secret to the perfect salt seasoning
The secret to the perfect salt seasoning
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Here is how you should be using your favorite ingredient. 

Have you been down the seasoning aisle and been blown away by the different types of salts on the shelves? From pink to white, flaky to fine, knowing the differences among them can make all the difference when it comes to cooking.

Salt is one of the most abundant natural resources in the world. A molecule of sodium and chloride (in its simplest form), salt can be either mined from the ground or harvested naturally from the sea. That doesn’t mean that all salts are created equal — the crystals in table salt are fine and white, while sea salt crystals are coarser and larger and even come in different colors. Good quality sea salt, like Morton Salt, is derived from seawater that is evaporated, while rock salt (the stuff you use to de-ice your sidewalk) actually comes from the Earth’s mineral deposits.

Ready to revamp your pantry with every salt you will ever need? Here is your one definitive guide to salt types and how to use them.

Kosher Salt

There is nothing you can’t do with kosher salt. It can be used in all forms of cooking from savory to sweet. It dissolves quickly, so its flavor disperses quickly and evenly. Kosher salt’s coarse texture also makes it easy to pinch and add to dishes. Morton Kosher Salt is a great addition to your steaks, ribs, and burgers on the grill and serves equally well as the salt on the rim of a tasty margarita.

Fine Sea Salt

Fine sea salt is created through the evaporation of seawater by the sun. Small salt crystals blend easily and dissolve quickly, giving food a well-balanced flavor. Ideal for everyday cooking and baking, fine sea salt is also perfect as a finishing salt for side dishes like edamame and roasted veggies. Morton Fine Sea Salt can be measured just like table salt, so try it in recipes for dressings, marinades, and Asian noodle soups like ramen and phở.

Coarse Sea Salt

If you’re an avid #foodporn follower on Instagram, then you will love the artistic pop that coarse sea salt can bring to your dish. Like its fine-grained counterpart, Morton Coarse Sea Salt is created from seawater that has been evaporated by the sun. The larger salt crystals not only add a big burst of flavor to your dish, they also provide great texture and crunch, making this salt ideal as a finishing salt on vegetables, roasted potatoes, fruit, and even desserts (especially chocolate ones). The large crystals are easy to pinch and sprinkle, so controlling the amount of salt you are using is easy.


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