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Get Perfectly Grilled Steak with the Right Temperature

One simple tool can up your grill game
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When the warm weather hits, breaking out the grill and making all of your favorite summer dishes is a must. But, executing the perfect steak is not always easy. If you find that you're constantly overcooking your steaks, follow this one golden rule and you’ll have restaurant-worthy results in no time.

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Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways you can cook steak, chicken and other meats incorrectly. Everything from how you defrost it to the types of kitchen tools you use can affect how successfully you grill. But, when it comes to getting the perfect juicy steak, all you need is a meat thermometer.

A meat thermometer guarantees that the inside of your steak is the right temperature before pulling it off the grill. A steak will continue to cook as it sets, so to avoid overcooking your steak, you should remove the heat from the grill once the thermometer reads five degrees lower than the desired temperature. Everyone has different preferences on the color of their meat so the temperature will vary.


For a rare steak, you should pull it off the grill once the temperature reaches around 120 degrees. On the other end, for a well done steak, you should take your meat off of the grill once the thermometer hits 160 degrees. While temperature is important, to become a true grill master, check out more tips and tricks for how to grill the perfect steak.