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Essential Tools for Basic Grilling

Essential tools for basic grilling include: a limitless supply of charcoal, a good set of tongs, and a big pile of wood chunks. Since the quality of the wood you grill with really does affect the flavor of your food, I am particular about what I use. Baxter’s Original Premium Smoker Wood sources all their wood in Georgia, where they’re based, and they’re careful to make sure that it’s free of bark and debris.

Note: If you’ve never used smoker wood on your grill, it’s easy. Soak the chunks in water and then add them to smoldering briquettes in a charcoal grill, or into the smoke tray of a gas grill, and they’ll flavor whatever you’re cooking with a nice, wood-fired taste. A couple of chunks on a hot grill will mean a steak with just a hint of smoke, whereas a few cups of the stuff over low heat allows you to transform your grill into a smoker, capable even of turning out amazing, authentic barbecue ribs. Cook strip loin, with superb fat marble for the richest flavor, over moderate heat to medium-rare and you’ll wind up with some of the richest, most flavorful steaks of your life.