Celebrate National Crabmeat Day With These 9 Recipes

These delicious dishes will make you anything but crabby

These perfectly seasoned steamed crabs will make you feel like you're in Maryland no matter where you are.

There’s nothing quite like crab. This delicate, perfectly sweet shellfish is endlessly satisfying and versatile. When plucked straight from the ocean and prepared correctly, the fresh seafood flavor of crabmeat is unmatched.

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That beautiful, bright flavor extends to all varieties of crab, from the mighty king crab to the abundant Dungeness crab to the elusive and fragile blue crab. No matter their differences, all of these crabs have one thing in common: they taste incredible.

To honor everything that is the crab, March 9 marks the unofficial food holiday National Crabmeat Day. To celebrate this holiday (which we truly wish was every day), we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers to see how they prepare this delicious crustacean, and boy, did they deliver. From perfectly fried crab cakes and soft shell crab to south-of-the-border-inspired fare such as nachos and quesadillas, the brightness and freshness of the crab is the star of each and every one of these dishes.