Break From Tradition with These Stuffing Waffles

Instead of syrup, all you need is hot gravy to complete this creative Thanksgiving side dish
Break From Tradition with These Stuffing Waffles

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Serve these stuffing waffles with hot gravy for a delicious Thanksgiving side dish.

This may just be the next great food mash-up: stuffing and waffles. This year when you are considering creative ways to improve upon your traditional Thanksgiving feast, consider making stuffing waffles.

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Cooking your stuffing in the waffle iron means there are plenty of wells to soak up warm, rich gravy and nice crunchy, toasted stuffing that you won’t be able to resist.

To make this delightful Thanksgiving side, select your favorite stuffing recipe; anything from traditional cornbread stuffing to gluten-free brioche bread stuffing will satisfy your needs. Then, heat up your waffle iron on the highest setting (stuffing waffles take more time to cook than traditional waffles).

Once your iron is hot, give it a quick spray with non-stick cooking spray, ladle about ¾ of a cup of stuffing onto the hot iron and clamp it down. If your iron has a timer on it, allow it to run through two cycles before removing your stuffing pancake. In general, these stuffing waffles will take double the time it takes to cook a waffle.

Serve your stuffing waffles hot with plenty of rich, turkey gravy. Your guests will love this untraditional take on classic stuffing and gravy.

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