Homemade Tamales Recipe From Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill Shared Online

Cinco de Mayo may have come and gone, but let's be real: Mexican food tastes good any day of the year. If you want to whip up a fiesta-worthy meal for your family and cook like an Iron Chef, Bobby Flay has shared the recipe for Shrimp and Roasted Garlic Tamales.

Dinner at Home Can Feel Like a Restaurant With These Tips

This recipe first appeared at Flay's New York City restaurant, Mesa Grill. Though the Manhattan location shut its doors in 2013, you can still find these tamales on the dinner appetizer menu at Mesa Grill's Las Vegas location in Caesars Palace.

The recipe has quite a few steps. The first — and most time consuming one — is soaking dried corn husks in water for two hours, picking out the 20 best husks and rolling the masa mixture into the corn husks to create the tamales. But once you master the art of tamale making, you'll want to make this iconic street food over and over again.

Assembling the shrimp and roasted garlic sauce, by comparison, seems like an easy weeknight dinner. The roasted garlic sauce is a combination of a head of roasted garlic with oil, onion, white wine, heavy cream, salt and pepper. The shrimp is simply sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper; you then use the same pan to cook corn.

You can find the full recipe for Mesa's shrimp and roasted garlic tamales on Bobby Flay's website. Pair this scrumptious appetizer with a bright and sunny margarita and any of our 40 best Mexican recipes.