old school recipes

Recipes No One Makes Anymore – But Should

We’re ready for these to make a comeback
old school recipes

Scalloped potatoes are an old favorite!

Everyone thinks the foods from the decade of their childhood were the best — even though some retro dishes were, in hindsight, really gross. Nothing tastes better than bittersweet nostalgia. And with food trends flowing in and out of vogue, there are things you were served when you were a kid that today’s youngest generation has never even heard of.

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Of course, there are some timeless dishes that will never go out of style. Hamburgers, for instance, have been served at summer barbecues for generations. Every home cook worth their salt knows how to make a roast chicken. But for the most part, people just don’t make food like they used to.

Some of these changes are because what’s considered “healthy” has changed so radically over the years. There’s a reason mayo-soaked “salads” aren’t cool anymore. But some other changes in cooking trends are harder to explain. Like, why have deviled eggs remained so popular while other party apps, like fondue, have fallen out of fashion? What ever happened to family dinners of beef stroganoff and chicken cordon bleu?


There are definitely some recipes no one makes anymore that should never make a comeback. Ambrosia just might be the weirdest dessert food anyone’s ever served. And please, let’s leave gelatin molds in the 1970s where they belong. But other gems have been unfortunately left behind — it’s time these 25 dishes make their way back on today’s tables.